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   Quality Process Control Systems, LLC
Process Water Recirculating and Cooling Systems

QPC Process Water Recirculating and Cooling Systems are engineered and built to meet your exact process requirements. Units deliver water and the proper volume flow rate and temperature so that your processes run smoothly and efficiently. These custom units circulate, cool and even heat large volumes of process water as needed.

QPC units are designed and built for harsh environments!

  • Microprocessor based temperature control with PID control and Auto-Tuning
  • Wide range of operating temperatures
  • Safety interlocks for flow, pressure and water level
  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with branch fusing
  • PLC for control of principal functions
  • Disconnect switch
  • Water cooled heat exchanger provides ample process cooling
  • Structural steel base and frame
  • All trim connecting pumps, tank, and main header is flanged gasketed cast iron
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