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   Quality Process Control Systems, LLC
Chilled Water Recirculating Systems

QPC Chilled Water Circulating Systems are engineered and built to meet your exact process requirements. Units deliver water and the proper volume flow rate and temperature so that your processes run smoothly and efficiently.

QPC units are designed and built for harsh environments!

Features include:

  • Water / Glycol Solution Cooling
  • Self contained or split systems
  • Microprocessor based temperature control
  • Disconnect switch
  • Brazed plate evaporator
  • Non-ferrous wetted components
  • Sizes from 1 to 40 Tons
  • Air or water condensing


                                                      *Lasers                *Diffusion Pumps                                        
                                        *Welders             *Hydraulics                                     
*Spindles            *Waterjets
                *EDMs                *Chemical Reactors
                *Laboratories     *Induction Heaters 

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