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Hot Oil Circulating Temperature Control Units

QPC Hot Oil Circulating Temperature Control Units precisely control the temperature of your process or tool by efficiently circulating mineral or synthetic oil through your process heating and cooling passages.

QPC units are designed and built for harsh environments!

Features Include:

  • Microprocessor based temperature control with PID control and Auto-Tuning
  • Maximum operating temperature of 450 or 550 oF
  • 3 phase, flanged, Incoloy sheathed, low-watt density immersion heaters
  • Safety interlocks for pressure and temperature
  • Heat input ranges from 6 to 48 kW
  • NEMA 12 electrical enclosure with branch fusing
  • PLC for control of principal functions
  • Disconnect switch
  • Water cooled heat exchanger provides ample process cooling
  • Stainless steel cabinetry with lift-off side access panels for ease of maintenance
  • Steel wheels or lift eyes for transport
  • Available in single and dual zone configurations
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